Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Ham Bone the Bouncer

Joe and Austin hanging out on the floor.

Little ham bone in her bouncer.

She was busy playing with her bouncer until she saw the indicator light from my camera, instantly she has to stop and smile for the camera. :-)

We made it back from South Dakota just fine, even though the storm had just hit. Apparently Colorado is turning in to Antarctica because it is about -12 out right now. Now that's cold.

Austin had her first meal of meat paste last night...OMG this stuff is horrible. No salt, BB-Q sauce..nothing. But she ate it , now that's an eater...makes me proud.

We have our Thanksgiving this weekend and this year we are sponsoring the Christmas tree at the Safe House. I was talking with the kid's manager down there about how the kids without money get toys on Christmas while at the Safe House and she said well they don't. Well now I can't have that. So I have tasked all of our friends to bring toys in exchange for a Thanksgiving meal. Hopefully they come through and make it as nice of a Christmas as possible for the kids at the Safe House.


LauraSuz said...

You're Santa Clause! I guess that makes Joe Mrs Clause? :)

She has the biggest smile! I love those bouncers.

Anne said...

Oh that's a fabulous idea! Very cool.

I cannot wait to hold that little girl in my arms!

Bouncers are awesome.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the the pixs--can't wait for Christmas with ALL of my children AND Grandchildren. You do realize, of course, neither you,nor, Joe have no say in how spoiled we make them!!!...Murph