Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Sleeping and smiles.

I was talking to Laura the other night on the phone and I mentioned that Austin was no longer sleeping swaddled and she reminded me that I hadn't updated everyone about that. :-) Yes poor little Austin rolled over completely swaddled on to her face, when I found her (luckily only ten minutes into this whole ordeal) she was laying in a puddle of her own spit screaming. When I picked her up she was so panicked, poor thing. So we got rid of the swaddle. That night both Austin and I got literally minutes of sleep. But I did notice that every time that I picked her up her little hands were cold so I mentioned that to Joe and he went out and got her a space heater for her room. Now keep in mind that I just read that babies aren't suppose to sleep in temperatures any higher than 68 degrees. Well to those people writing that book I would like to disagree, I don't exactly how warm Austin's room is but I know it is in the low 70's and she sleeps like...well a baby. :-) She has even slept through the night twice this week. Of course according to our friends that also have babies theirs started sleeping through the night and then started teething only to see the sleeping through the night go by the way side and the babies being up every two hours again. So we will have to see how she does when teeth do start coming in.

She also started eating cereal the other day. We decided to start her earlier than we had thought because she is SOOOO interested in what we are eating and visibly angry when we don't share. I have been reading up on some standards in Canada and the UK where babies are fed meat as their first food. Some of the research is pretty astounding just as far as what babies will be missing from breast milk and what meat can provide them. So Joe and I had been putting off feeding her anything until after Mexico (after all I don't even trust the food down there for us much less her and it's too hard to pack). But we decided to start cereal now and introduce meat after Mexico. She absolutely loves the cereal so far and will eat as much as I give her, hopefully she will enjoy meat as much.

Here are some pictures of her sleeping for her first nap of the day, just because sleeping babies always make me smile. :-)


LauraSuz said...

I love those pictures!

What kind of meat are you planning on giving her?

Anne said...

Thanks for the update! She's getting to be such a big girl. Just a little over a month until we get to see and you and Joe again. I'm SO excited for Christmas time!

Crystal said...

We are thinking about chicken as of now. It was actually our pediatrician that got us thinking about it she said that she had been hearing the new buzz in the doctor community about feeding meat first and wanted to pass it along to her (she likes to call Joe and I progressive thinkers, I think it comes from the slow immunization schedule we are following). We are planning on baking it and then pureeing and then adding it to a mixture of cereal and breast milk. Sounds like a disgusting paste to me, but full of vitamins and the three important things that our doctor said some babies can miss out on...zinc, protein and iron. So we will have to see, the best laid plans of mice and could end up not working at all.

LauraSuz said...

Sounds interesting - I'll have to try it out. I've been giving MG scrambled eggs so I know there's protein but not sure about iron and definitely not sure about zinc. Sounds like you have a doctor that knows your parenting style well - how great is that?