Monday, November 16, 2009

Our weekend of Snowboarding.

My Mom is in San Diego for meetings this weekend, so we didn't have a babysitter. But instead of skipping snowboarding we decided that the boys would go up on Saturday and J and I would go on Sunday. I worked on riding switch (which means if you normally ride with your right foot pointing down the mountain that you "switch" and ride with your left foot forward) and J worked on "staying alive" in her words. We are both sore and pretty bruised up but laughed all day.

While we were in Breckenridge Joe and Nate packed snow on Joe's newly built snowboard park in our backyard. Here's two videos of Joe working on his skills.


Anne said...

Wow. What a set-up! Now Joe never needs to take a break from having fun. :o)

LauraSuz said...

I can't believe all the snow you have already. It's so pretty. I'm jealous! I want some snow! We need to make a trip out there in the cold months.