Monday, September 21, 2009

The weekend.

Ok so I finally took pictures this weekend so I can post them.

One of my close friends came into town this weekend so we all went out for sushi on Friday night followed by Joe babysitting so I could go out with them for a little bit.

Saturday morning we went out to a skeet shooting charity event, of course they get me at the word charity and they got Joe at the word shooting so we're both happy. I thought Joe did well, but of course he thought he could do better. That night we had a birthday dinner for my brother in law followed by a girl's night out for me. I can't imagine how intimidating we must have looked 13 girls downtown all laughing and joking, needless to say the single girls in our group didn't get approached all evening.

And then on Sunday Joe and I tried to bring Austin to her first Broncos game, she was fine with everything until the Broncos scored and when everyone jumped up and started cheering it scared her. So we felt bad and chalked it up to a bad parenting mistake and left after the first quarter. We stopped and had lunch on the way home where she proceeded to fall asleep on Dad's lap, now that's a tired baby. When Joe was carrying her back to the car she kept tasting the air with her tongue like a lizard and then laughing. And I loved the picture of her with the ear plugs in, looks just like a baby Shrek to me.


LauraSuz said...

cute, cute, CUTE pictures!

p.s. joe already looks thinner!

Anne said...

Oh THANK YOU!!! for all the pictures. They're fabulous. My favorite is the one of Joe and Austin in their bronco gear while Austin's sleeping - too cute!!!!! Makes me miss you all even more!