Thursday, September 17, 2009

Joe the pouter

Joe has to be the best pouter I have ever met. I always feel so bad for him. Last night I made yet another (what I thought was) very inventive meal that he couldn't stand. Baked chili rellenos, grilled quesadillas and corn. I ate all of mine without hesitation, after all I have been a dieter all my life and a meal like this rather than just tuna out of the can is absolutely amazing. I even treated myself with a weight watchers ice cream cone but Joe couldn't stomach one. I wonder if his taste buds will change or if I will have to look at his poor pouty face until Christmas. He stomps around everywhere but the good news is that he is like living with a stand up comedian right now because I just can't stop laughing. Poor tortured Joe.


LauraSuz said...

I keep thinking your going to post the picture session you took!

hint hint :)

Crystal said...

I was just scratching my head thinking "what picture session" but now I get it. I promise pictures soon! :-)

LauraSuz said...

After I re-read what I wrote I should have put "...of the girls!"