Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Biggest Loser

Ok so first off the Biggest Loser starts again tonight...it is by far my favorite TV show. I have pretty much struggled with my weight my entire life so to watch these people break down and then build themselves back up is truly inspiring. I bet my gym sees as many people joining for Biggest Loser season as they do for New Year's Eve resolutions.

Secondly (not to give away too much just in case people don't want it out there) Joe and I are dieting...at Joe's request. I know I almost fell out of my chair when he asked too. So last night after I went grocery shopping for healthy stuff, I made our first diet meal. I laughed so hard at Joe, who has never dieted before. He called it rice, veggies and plastic sausage (aka turkey sausage). Ahhhh, it's going to be a long road for him.

And third and final I still can't find our passports, social security cards, or birth certificates...wow is it hard to obtain any of these without one of them. I am keeping my fingers crossed that they don't just deport us.

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