Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Back to wide open spaces.

So Joe and I spent the weekend in New York, first off we traveled with the Air Force and stayed on an Army base...for us never being in the military this was quite an adventure. I kept telling Joe, "see this is what I have been doing all year". It is a very different way of traveling, trust me. Secondly New York was everything that we had always heard it would be. It would take me some time to get used to not having my own space, everything is very small...the seats you sit on, the bathrooms even the lanes on the streets, but just the ability to walk to anything you want is very appealing. Joe and I have been talking about sometime in the future taking six months to a year at a time and living in another place, just to truly experience it. There are the obvious places South Africa, Italy, Australia and now New York. Our list just keeps on getting longer and longer. We were able to meet up with Zach and Joe (two of his friends from high school) which was a blast. I like sitting around listening to old stories and laughing with new friends. Of course we spent a majority of this time sitting in hole in the wall bars and it made me want a beer so bad I am pretty sure I was shaking, but I made it through it all.

My feet must either be swelling or growing but either way I have cracks and blisters from walking around New York. Oh yeah and my ankles swelled up to the size of grapefruits on the flight, all of the sudden my skin started to itch and I pulled up my pant legs and sure enough there were these giant ankles looking back at me. Thank goodness they didn't swell much more it would have split my skin wide open.

Our girls didn't win either game (Army or Navy) but they played well towards the end...just kind of ran out of steam. It was a different experience to play Army at home the stands were packed, faces were painted, chants were started. I have to admit it was intimidating sitting on the bench much less playing, so I can only imagine what the girls were going through.

Joe was hilarious the entire trip, I think he just wanted a job...some kind of purpose to be there. So he would run around and help out with supplies, and help the trainers and the athletic directors both for Air Force and the other teams. We really should have gotten him some kind of Air Force gear just so people knew who he was there with. The athletic director for Army gave Joe the MVP title of the tournament. LOL Too funny.

On baby news we are officially into the third trimester. As far as I am concerned I still haven't bought any maternity clothes just wearing the same ol' jeans. The guys at the gym just look at me like I really must eat poor to continue to gain weight even though I am in there every day. One of Joe's friends in New York was telling me that I don't even look pregnant yet and I told him well see that's the problem though while I am happy to not have to buy new clothes, I do end up feeling odd at places like the pubs in New York when I continue to order water. If I was super pregnant looking everyone would understand. Some of my basketball girls still don't even know and they saw me everyday. Don't get me wrong I am definatley growing but it is more of an everywhere growth rather than just a belly, welcome to the weirdness of my body.


Josh said...

Sounds like you had a good time in NY, despite the physiological discomforts; I like the energy there, the accessibility of everything. But I don't think I could ever stay away from my mountains for's great fun to visit though! I assume pics were taken? Get to visit anything "touristy"?

Crystal said...

Shoot pictures...we didn't even remember the darn camera. I am so horrible at picture taking. Hopefully someone else in our group got some shots of something.

LauraSuz said...

I need a picture for proof that you're not showing. Plus, I just want to see a picture :)

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