Thursday, May 1, 2014

The boys...and the girls.

We got Kuma's Best of Winners photo in the mail this morning.  Look at that fluff ball, I just love him.

If you look way off in the distance, you can see the girls walking and of course Hiro noticed that they were that far away and had to go trotting off after them.  He is definitely the girls' dog...always need to be by them.  The other day I was concerned about the girls being outside with the boys by themselves or far away from me, I mean after all what if the boys play too rough or knock them down?  Joe reminded me that they are the girls' protectors and if someone walked up to the fence all three would die for them, so pick what I am more scared of...the person on the other side of the field fence or our boys but I can't be scared of both.

The cat is hanging out with the girls, which in this scene is complete with them piling sand on her.

And my pretty boys were hanging out with me in the sun.

Last night the girls were taking a bath so Hiro goes in and watches them, I wish the door wasn't in the way because you could see how wet he gets while the girls pet his head.

We broke down and got an elliptical.  I have been threatening since we moved out here and I canceled my gym membership.  It is an awesome machine and already getting a lot of use.

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