Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Mother's Day

Tadd hosted a Mother's Day brunch at his house and wow was it amazing.  Everything you could imagine and then some.

Just look at all those smiles, oh yeah did I mention that there was a Bloody Mary bar?  The smiles were contagious.

There's us tall ones, I wish I would have been standing up straight because I am pretty sure I am actually taller than my Mom now.

Kelley, Charles and Joe no doubt talking about warmer weather since it was snowing out.

There's Miss Carri...she must have been cooking for DAYS!

Both of my girls got ready all by themselves as you can tell by Tyler's very summer outfit in a blizzard.  

And I channeled my inner "Monica" and we made my Mom a fairy garden for Mother's Day.

Isn't that super fun!?!?!?  All of the plants are real and everything!

And here are the tulips that Tadd and Carri got me for Mother's Day, aren't they beautiful!


Anne said...

That is awesome!!! I'm definitely going to be showing that to Monica. Wow! Great work! I bet your mom loved it! So nice of Tadd to throw a brunch.

Laurasuz said...

Those flowers are gorgeous! Happy Mother's Day!! I love the fairy house....Monica will be proud!