Monday, July 29, 2013


So I was weed wacking the front of the house the other day and something jumped out of my way.  When I stopped what I was doing and looked down there was a toad sitting there.  Now I understand that toads are pretty popular every where else but this is the first one I have ever seen in the wild.  So I grabbed the girls butterfly habitat and ran down there.  Boy was that fun for the whole family for about three days, catching bugs to feed it and watching it eat them and then eventually returning him to the wild.

We went wake boarding again yesterday and I think I actually ripped one arm off like I was scared of.  I can't raise one arm up due to some sort of shoulder injury and now when I try to walk my hip is forcing me to limp.  I keep reminding myself that it has to get easier but holy cow.  Everyone compares it to snowboarding but when you snowboard you are allowing gravity to take over and propel you down the mountain.  In wake boarding you are being drug behind a Chevy small block engine, much different feeling. But we managed to get together four boats including my parents so the girls hung out with Grandma and watched The Lion King while we wake boarded.  George even managed to try wake boarding and totally nailed it, apparently no one has told him that he is in his 60's. ;-)

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