Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Glendo Wyoming

We got back from the lake when Carole was here and one of our friends text and asked if we wanted to go to Glendo Wyoming boating with them.  Since we were still having fun from our awesome day at the lake we couldn't help but jump on the opportunity.  Glendo is a four hour drive from here if you aren't trailering a boat and stopping for two young children, so roughly 5 and 1\2 hours later we pulled up.  I have to be honest it started off kind of a rough.  The hotel on the water that we had reserved called us 20 minutes out and stated that there was a mix up with the bookings and they didn't have a room for us.  We ended up finding a gas station/motel in town that had one room left.  Then comes the boat dock.  Hold on to your pants for this one...I am a nervous person.  I know this shocks everyone reading this.  So we pull up to the boat ramp with most of everything that I love in the car along with a giant boat attached to the back end of us, the ramp it's self is much more narrow than I would like with a rock ledge on each side and a floating - raised walkway in the middle.  As you can imagine ideal for backing down a very large rig.  Luckily Joe is amazing and his anger fueled the most precise back down a ramp ever.  As we approached the water the whole rig started to slide into the murky depths.  Turns out there was a ton of lake muck on the dock and it was causing us to slide, Joe jumped out of the car I slid into the drivers seat and just put it in drive muttering to myself that there was no way it was going to drag me into the lake.  Joe slides the boat off and the girls and I drove the rig up to the parking lot...which was full...of course.  So we ventured down this little dirt road to a spot that looked like they wouldn't tow us and backed it into a grass hill.  I loaded up the kids and EVERYTHING we have to bring to have kids on a boat...and believe me the list is extensive.  And sherpa'd the whole load down that forsaken ramp.  Got on the boat, took off...made it about 300 feet - Joe cut the engine and said I need a beer.  So we sat just out in the middle of the lake drinking a beer getting right with ourselves before going over to meet our friends.  After all of this you would have thought that it would have marred the trip, but it turns out we ended up having a blast and will definitely be going back, this time probably just camping and we will launch the boat off a another ramp, one without algae on it. ;-)

Wanna know the definition of a fun boat crew?!?!?  It was Joe, myself, our kids, Brooke (Hoss' little sister), her husband, their 19 month old daughter and Anna (Brooke's best friend from high school).  Not one of us had ever wake boarded, nor had any of us driven the boat for wake boarding.  Someone suggested since we had all the stuff (the rope was still wrapped in the store zip ties) we might as well try.  Every single person was like, heck yeah sounds like fun.  Joe went first with me driving, he managed to get up on the third try and looked like a natural.  Next Brooke who was awesome and got up on her first try, then my drowning butt got in there and just about died a half an hour later still didn't get up and my arms are still too sore to do laundry today.  Everyone else got up and had fun which will make me even more determined next time we go to get up.

The next day the wind was so bad and the lake so choppy that we loaded everyone up on the boat and drove slowly to a quiet cove completely sheltered from the wind, we spent all day jumping in and out of the water and chasing frogs on the beach.  It was awesome.

Anna and Austin, in about 20 seconds from when this picture was taken Austin fell asleep.

Tyler would be the next to fall asleep here.

 Here's little Abby, who is the dare devil and refused to sit down even while the boat was in motion.
 Joey, Brooke's husband.
 The deer that joined us for lunch in the cove.
 Look at that peaceful cove!
 Little Goose eating her cheese.
 Brooke and Joe.

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Daniel Smith said...

I love hearing your stories! I called Joe the other day and heard nothing of that little adventure in the beginning. Glad you guys had fun after that!!