Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Birthday Present

Joe guessed amazingly well for my birthday and got me a completely bad ass camera. I have always had to borrow a friend and their camera to take pictures for Christmas and such so I am extremely excited to learn how to use my very own Nikon. Here are some shots while I was playing around in the yard with the girls.

The girls hanging out on the grass.  Austin with her unruly hair...as always.
We have this really great bush in the backyard that I planted this year that has these gorgeous yellow flowers on it most of the year.
This picture is just a general shout out to my grass...look at that, no brown or dead spots left. :-)
Ol' Mickey Blue Eyes.


Anne said...

How'd you do that to your grass?! Our grass needs serious help!!!

Crystal said...

Oh my word, I think I spent the girls college fund on water and Joe bought me a tiller for Mother's Day which I ended up tilling up most of the yard a piece at a time and planting new seed. It has been my passion for the summer.