Monday, August 13, 2012

The Color Run!

 So apparently some kids thought up a way to get more people to run for charity.  Play loud music and throw colored dust at them.  Well it totally works as we joined in with 4,600 other Coloradans to run a 5K this weekend.

Here's Kelley and I before the race looking all white and clean.

Joe and I with Austin refusing to get in the picture so Joe just grabbed her and hung her upside down.

 Briargate Wellness Center's full team - Erin, Kelley, myself and Joe.

 The blue guys meant business and really covered us well.  My back and armpits are still stained.

 All us girls after the race and before a much deserved breakfast.

 My Mom AKA race day Daycare carrying around a very dirty Austin.

Austin playing with some color at the finish was colored food starch and was about the softest thing in the world...super fun to play with!

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Anne said...

Yay fun for everyone!!! I might have to try that colored cornstarch thing out...when I'm feeling up for an additional mess!