Monday, August 6, 2012

Muddy Buddy

I was insanely happy when Joe took a liking to racing after the Bolder Boulder.  He volunteered to race in ANY race I wanted to sign us up for.  (You can picture my smile right now).  I chose two races the first was an 3 mile obstacle race this last weekend and the second is the Color Run next weekend.  Here are the pictures from the mud run.

Just before the race started.  Look at how clean we were.

Austin hanging with Grandma to help cheer us on.

 Grandma got Austin a sno-cone and Austin's version of sharing is to throw the ice on Lil' Bit's tray to eat. :-)
 Here's Joe stretching before the race.

Here's part of the course in the background which was originally a four wheel drive track that they added 20 obstacles to.

 Tyler trying to break Grandma's headband.

 Walking the starting line with Kelley waving by to her clean clothes.
Base camp for Grandma and the girls while we raced.

 We just got done climbing the rock wall behind us getting ready to run to the finish line.

Kelley and I and all our mud.  Notice the hand prints on me courtesy of Joe. :-)


Anne said...

Why was it so muddy?! I'm glad you guys get to do so much fun stuff together. Although if Peter wanted to run a race, I'd probably offer to wait for him at the finishline ;o) as I'm not much of a runner!

Crystal said...

It's an actual race through the mud, so we had two giant slip and slides, a couple mud bogs and stuff like that. But everything is centered around the mud. I haven't played in the mud since I was a kid and I have got to tell you...I had an absolute blast doing so. In fact probably too much fun. :-D

Anne said...

Oh wow!!! That does sound like fun. A race maybe even I would enjoy!!!