Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Presents and Peas

We held our annual Thanksgiving Dinner and Toy Drive this last weekend. I am super excited to have collected over 40 toys just as we always do. I read in the newspaper that times are so tough this year that our local hospital that runs a toy drive is begging for toys, last year they brought in over $137,000 worth of toys and this year they are only at $7,000. We dropped them off to the Safe House which was ecstatic about the load and I know they will go to families that wouldn't otherwise get shiny new Barbies. :-)

Here's our stack...well after Austin dug through it some. ;-)

We started feeding Lil' Bit rice cereal before Mexico and thought everything was fine but then one day down there she ate, went and took a nap and an hour later woke up puking everywhere. That horrible little kid puke where they cry in between each gag. :-( So we cut out rice cereal down there thinking that perhaps we overfed her or something was wrong with that particular rice. We got home and fed her new cereal and the same thing happened an hour or so later. Did some research and she either has an allergy to rice (highly unlikely since it is so rare) or her system is super sensitive to new foods. We have been making baby food from scratch and feeding her just a few tablespoons of different types of veggies, so far she hasn't reacted like that again but it took at few weeks for her to get sick from the rice so we will have to wait and see. I took this video last night of her first experience with was just too cute.


Anne said...

Awesome toy drive! You're so cool!!

Anne said...

Oh and boo for food sensitivities.

thiswildlife said...

That video is too cute!!! It's fun to see and/or hear all of you :-) Glad the toy drive was a success. What a great thing to do!