Thursday, December 29, 2011

Little to no time...

So you know what people that are already too busy do? They get second jobs, or in my case 14th jobs. On top of Verizon, Wishing Wells, Briargate Wellness Center and being the commander of this house I am now gainfully employed by a company called Support Space. They are online and over the phone tech support that companies can use to out source their calls. Currently Support Space's largest client is Geek Squad and who most all calls are routed from. Let me just say this...through a GIANT smile on my face...any one reading this blog right now is computer literate and while you may not think you are, trust me, you are. I spent just over an hour yesterday on the phone with a lady trying to get her to type in a web page address. Just that...just a web page. Bottom line though Verizon is having more layoffs and while I am as optimistic as I always am I would like to have something in the background if I needed it. It would be extremely hard for me to do phone support all the time rather than the kush life I am used to with being a lead engineer, but it's easier than hunting our own food. Helen has a good time laughing at me as I lay my head on my desk and say no ma'am I still don't think you are typing in exactly what I am saying. I'll probably end up drinking more but again it's easier than hunting our own food which is about where we would be if we didn't have my paycheck. I make commission on every call I take and pretty much the instant I go live I am routed someone and then let the hilarity of the situation unfold. :-) So if anyone ever needs tech support you can just click on this link and find me...crazy huh?


Laurasuz said...

Pretty picture!

And whoa. I think I've found Superman's be crazy girl ;)

Josh said...

Is it wrong of me that I desperately want to prank call? I can come up with some FUN questions for you ;)

Anyway; you ARE kind of like Superwoman. Keep fighting the good fight, and good luck with Verizon.