Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Oh and one last word for today. Perspective. While I believe the best way to put something in perspective is to experience it yourself, I will pass along this experience in hopes that it will help someone reading with something they are dealing with.

As with so much of my perspective this experience comes from my kids group. I had a two year old who was helping me build pet rocks, sitting next to me just as any other two year old would (including the one sitting on my lap). Until he got excited when he saw his Mom. He then began to shake uncontrollably, not like just a shake of enthusiasm but a full on Parkinson convulsion. His head and arms were completely spastic and I just stared with disbelief. This continued for 20 minutes all while he was smiling at me. In fact if I could take smiles like this one that I get from kids in horrible situations and transfer them into pennies I could turn in my pager and retire for good. Like the boy that smiled throughout the entire group with a hand print bruised on his neck, not able to talk due throat damage...he would have been worth a mint of pennies.

After group I did some research on what would cause this boy to shake like that. Turns out it's a central nervous system disorder brought on by his abuse. His father would wear a mask and scare him to the point that the boy would start convulsing. Of course to his father this was hilarious. We don't know the extent of the damage however I do know that he his 2 and can't speak actual words, he is greatly affected by OCD to the point that if I took one of his rocks and placed it out of order he would stutter and stammer until it was placed back. Oh yeah and the fact that when over stimulated he convulses.

Makes the fact that I didn't quite get the laundry done seem so not important.


Josh said...

I cannot imagine witnessing something like that. Furthermore, I can't comprehend, even though I know it happens every day, that someone would torture a child like that. It leaves me speechless, with a sinking feeling in my stomach. I think I'll go find my kids and give them an extra long hug right now...And by the way...I'm continually impressed by how much time you spend working with these kids/people. You're a good egg :)

Lady Caitie in the Pretty City said...

Ugh.. I court report for cases like this. Tho we rarely come face to face with kids that young, we do have to read thru the reports and.. it's just sick. Our Judge always said, "I would have rathered you just have broken their legs. The emotional/sexual abuse hurts so much more and for so much longer. Thank goodness for people like you!!

Barb said...

yes, I must admit... you are quite an amazing young woman. I never cease to be proud of you, and even though I am slightly biased, you really are incredible. I love you!