Monday, May 4, 2009

Baby Q

We had our Baby Q this weekend, it went wonderfully even though it rained all day. So while we were planning on having all the people outside in the yard with activities and such instead everyone was packed into the house but people didn't seem to mind. One of the side effects to being raised like I was in that it makes me extremely uncomfortable to open presents. The first couple of boxes that showed up the house even before the BBQ this weekend made me cry so I knew the party would be hard. But luckily I have Joe and he completely understands that and also likes to open presents so we work well together. Bet no one has ever seen a guy open all the presents at a baby shower, it was so entertaining and everyone laughed the whole time. This is my favorite picture from the weekend he decided the socks were perfect size for his fingers. You can't see in this picture but he is also wearing a pair of pink ones on his toes. Too funny!


LauraSuz said...

What a handsome guy.

Josh said...

Soooo sorry I missed it (got screwed out of free time that day)...I always miss your parties; I swear it's not a phobia, my schedule just sucks :) Glad you guys had a good time!

Barb said...

It was sooooo fun! You didn't post enough picture though, so check out my blog this evening! (hint: much more photos to come!)

Don't think yourself unusual about not being comfortable opening gifts either, because I am, and lots of people I know are. We feel bad that we are already so blessed, yet people are giving more (translate: aawwww... you shouldn't have). Remember though, that people were not giving YOU gifts, they were giving them to Baby One! You should tear them open and proudly declare "she will soooo love this!" You were wonderful at the shower though, the perfect blend of excitement and humility. Everybody knew that their gifts were perfect and nobody thought they should have spent more money - excellent! Read more thoughts on my post