Thursday, October 2, 2008

Working away my life.

So last night Joe and I went out to eat and to watch Oliver, we had a wonderful time and I couldn't have imagined better food, company or performances. When I got home I checked on work because I had been working on an issue all day, sure enough it still sat there (as with most things you don't actively fix). I started it up and worked for a while more, still to no avail. And just as if the comic world was laughing at me, my cell phone rang at 4AM this morning. I cleared my throat several times in an effort to sound as though I was not sleeping (why do you always do that, as if it were a sin to be sleeping when someone calls). Sure enough waiting on the other end was another issue. Up I go and back to work again, I'm not entirely sure if it was 3 or 4 hours of sleep I got but either way much less then I needed to operate efficiently. Here I am staring off into the void, two issues resolved, but at the end of it all while in my little world it was a big deal, truly it didn't start or stop any earthly orbits.

It's chilly out today so I am thinking about what I should make tonight for dinner. I love cooking in the winter, we don't have air conditioning in our house so I try not to run the oven anymore than needed in the summer.

I am watching "Hanging Up" right now, and two things I am noticing are coming true in this movie. First, we (our generation) are turning into the real life grown ups. The movie is about three sisters who's father is being put in the hospital with memory issues. And it is dawning on them that they are the grown ups, they have to make the choices not their parents. This movie is obviously hitting close to home with me because of my Dad being ill and watching the sisters deal with it reminds me of us kids. Secondly, this is probably the last movie Meg Ryan was in before she went and got her new "Joker" face lift. Why do women do this to themselves...I know the answer, they can't possibly show their age in their industry, but I so wish they would.

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