Wednesday, October 19, 2016

More pictures

So I am having a hard time forming actual thoughts that don't have some sort of negative connotations...yes I am still looking for a job and yes I still don't really like doing so.  Here are some super cute pictures though. :-)

I found this shirt the other day that Marmee had sent us.  Obviously it used to be Joe's and now a toy monkey wears it to bed with Jackson.

The Broncos host this thing called the Broncos Bunch that hosts a couple of events every year including trick or treating that we had a ton of fun at.

We even got to go out on the field - talk about exciting for a life long Broncos fan.

And we got to sit next to their three Super Bowl Trophies!  Umm yeah it was that cool for me.

We still try and make it to Overtime to watch the Bears on Sunday mornings.  This particular morning Nate was there with his bike so the kids got to crawl all over it.

And this face.  Literally it doesn't even need words, she is just the sweetest thing.  See the sleep lines from her nap still present on her forehead.

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Anne said...

Man, I love those kids! And you guys too! I hear you about the forming thoughts thing though rather than negative I have trouble forming coherent thoughts. :o) I'm really hoping you find that perfect job soon!!!!!!