Saturday, July 9, 2016

The Littles.

So in our home we have The Littles and The Bigs...and these two little people are just fantastic and wonderful additions to our family.

This is Hunter snoozing while I make dinner last night, we have her lamby seat on the counter and she "helps" with most meals.  Although last night I made lasagna roll ups that turned out fantastic and a tiramisu that you can litterally drink with a straw it's so runny (epic fail).  Clearly she herself is eating well too...see how those cheeks rest comfortably on her chest?!?!  We call her Cheeks MooFabio here. :-D

Oh and this boy.  So he managed the other day to scramble up on to this pit bike by himself (see all the death defying tools and what not around him)...of course it's too high to then get down so he's just stuck there.  We took this picture before rescuing him, clearly he was terrified of being stuck on the "Mo Mo".

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