Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Fall Time

Our weeks are crazy busy right now, I am sure Joe feels even more like that.  With some recent changes at the business he is working a lot more and with two kids in school we are running a lot more...both of which make it feel as though we never really get any time off.  But just as this change swept in and disrupted everything so will the change that makes it all different.

I drove past a pumpkin display the other day and told Joe about it so he could go back and pick some up.  I love how the vines weren't cut off all the way so they have so much character.  If you'd like a size comparison...take a look at the toaster oven that looks small.  These pumpkins are huge!

We went up to Denver to cheer on our friend Anna who ran in the marathon up there.  This crazy statue was outside of one of the state buildings.

Look at that troop...even Jackson and I were in our jerseys.

Matisyahu performed at the finish line, this was the kiddos first concert so it was fun to watch them feel the music.

The girls and Nate made signs for the race, the girls were in charge of glitter.  Which as you would imagine is a very important job.

There she is crossing the finish line...what a great accomplishment.  And a great experience for the girls who both want to run marathons some day now.

Afterwards we went to Hoss and Leslie's house for a fall party complete with a hay ride.

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Anne said...

Awesome! I'm glad you guys are still finding time to fit FUN in!! Hay rides in the fall are the best!