Monday, March 2, 2015

Sledding and Smiles

Days turn into weeks and then I realize I haven't been on here in forever.  Ooopps!

 I am still crazy busy at work, Joe is working more hours thanks to some employee changes and then of course there are the three kids to take up the rest of the free time.

We have manged to fit some fun in there.  Including this "get go" which is what Hoss and Joe call it, allow you to pick up additional speed to go off jumps.  As you can tell -

  • The dogs love our time outside and their girls.
  • Tyler is still super scared of everything.
  • Austin hollers like her Mom when she is excited/scared (for any of you that have ever ridden a roller coaster with me - we have another screamer)

Just look at that little face!  Such a happy little boy.

Here is where Jackson and I hung out while the rest of them used the sledding/snowboarding hill.

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