Friday, October 31, 2014

Trying to do a better job...

So I am trying to do a better job keeping up on my blog (I promise) and with November starting I get to start my absolute favorite ode to blogging with my 30 days of thanks. :-)  Better get the typing fingers ready!

We are definitely starting to see the "fruits" of public school in Austin.  I am calling them fruits because truly the only reason we are sending her to school is to the learn the things we cannot teach or show her.  Keep in mind she far more advanced than her class thanks in part to me ordering the curriculum and just taking it over.  But we still wanted her to experience the world through kindergarten complete with all of its differences.  Literally though, wow, I would not have expected such hard questions so soon.  Since Joe and I can't possibly talk through everything before one of us is forced to answer from the pressure that only a five year can exert, we have both decided to err on the absolute truth so at least we can't be called liars even if Joe and I's perception is slightly different at least it was something that we both can defend.

We carved pumpkins last night and Joe allowed the girls to use permanent markers and knives (Mom stepped away as often as possible so as to not say 100 times "Please be careful").

Here they are cleaning them out themselves and then the finished product.  Joe attempted to cut out what they thought they were drawing and could not quite cut out themselves.  Their first master pieces. :-)

And I am not sure if I should love or hate our cat right now, she has brought us two snakes in the last week.  Not thrilled about that, on one hand she is a fearless snake hunter on the other hand I can't help but think that she is just pissing off the Momma snake that is going to come and get me.  Rock me to sleep.  And yes those are different snakes on different days.  Joe and the girls LOVE them and I encourage them to do so, since my fear is irrational and crippling.

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Anne said...

Yay for more blogging!! I would probably be scared of the snakes too.