Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Lake of the Ozarks

We took an extremely impromptu trip to Lake of the Ozarks, in fact in 8 days I had the whole trip planned and booked and away we went.  Of course there were some adventurous parts, like when we came across a bridge that was so narrow that the boat trailer wouldn't fit but other than those times that we can all laugh at now it was an amazing trip.  Here are a ton of pictures primarily for those without Facebook. :-)

Couldn't help but take a picture, not everyday you see a personal helicopter.

Austin fishing in her PJ's first thing in the morning off the back porch.

We kept calling ourselves the small boat crew since the other boat was 8' longer than ours.

This thing is called a Lily Pad and is a 8'x16' floating foam mat that can't sink.  Very cool to play on.

Little Miss Tyler Mae feeling much more secure with being in the water.

Tadd and Carri escaping the sun for a bit.

Our boat following along behind the big boat.

Saw this beautiful rainbow while eating but it never did rain on us.

Dinner the first night at Paradise.

The view from the balcony at our place of our boat in the dock slip.

This is one the houses that Carri and Sunni's cousins own, this one is the family house with their private house behind it.  Super nice setup.

And finally...we got Joe's Father's Day presents installed yesterday.  New wake board tower speakers.


Anne said...

Awesome pictures!!! I missed these on facebook so thanks for reposting them. It looks like an awesome time!!

Laurasuz said...

That house is okay I guess ;) Looks like a blast!