Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Our new kitty

You know what heals a broken heart that is let down by a missed snowboard season?!?!?!? A new kitty! :-)

So while everyone else went up on Sunday Tadd and I went kitty shopping. I am choosing to hide my adoption behind the facade of the kitty is for Austin, but everyone who knows me knows that I would have a 100 pets if I could keep them all.

Here's the big girl and her new little best friend. She calls her Mowser, not to be mistaken with Meow which is what she calls Pepper the other cat.

Here's Austin trying to lock baby kitty in the TV stand and losing.

Oh yes and Austin is becoming quite the proficient writer, here she is telling me about the birds on the card. I may just employ her to do our Christmas cards this year. :-)

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LauraSuz said...

Welcome to the family Kitty!