Monday, February 15, 2010

The business...

Here are some pictures of the business and the construction going on...I know how much you like construction pictures Murph! :-)

The front of the building, we are in the process of making the sign that will hang over the door.

This the back portion of the building which is warehouse space. Right now it is a convient storage place for Joe's tools.

Here is a view of the skeleton receptionist desk and the front windows.

Here is the waiting room, notice the green paint. All the leftover paint we had from our remodel has been used on this building so it will essentially look like a home away from home.

And here's baby girl hanging out with her Dad (her and I like to stop by once a day during this pivitol phase of construction just to distract him). ;-)


Anne said...

Looking good!

I keep meaning to start a letter to you, something like this: I haven't heard from you in awhile. You're not busy or anything are you? Being a full time mother and holding down a 40+ hour/week paying job in addition to caring for the house and Joe and starting a new business. I can't imagine why you haven't written a letter to me! ;o)

Kisses and hugs to everyone. Love and miss you guys!

LauraSuz said...

I love that last picture!

Anonymous said...

You're right I do....I am sending my junior inspector in to conduct an on-site inspection....Is your contractor ready.....Murph
P.S. Aren't we due for another Austin update video???