Tuesday, August 11, 2009


We went to Oklahoma this weekend to witness George's Dad get married. The ceremony was perfect exactly what I would have done. Short, sweet and simple. It was nice to hang out with family as always, I think opportunities like this one help me define family. I believe families to be all inclusive whether you came into the family by marriage, blood, adoption or friendship everyone is treated equally.

Austin was a kick in the pants to have around. Perhaps I am just too much of an optimist but all the haters I talked to before the trip griped about taking her and how much extra time we would have to spend on her account, not to mention the constant crying and what not. Just to set the record straight Austin did no more than 20 minutes of crying each way during the full 24 hour trip and cost us approximately no additional time. She ate when we stopped for gas, I changed her and put her back in her seat. In fact she loved having someone sit in the back seat with her. Tadd came with us so Joe and I rotated the back seat privileges because Tadd is still too scared to touch her. Can't blame him, we visited some friends of ours while in OKC and they have a three week old that I refused to hold. If they had NEEDED him to be held like to get something done I would have but I still don't like to hold babies that aren't mine for no reason. I don't understand why other people do like to hold babies, it's like they absorb their powers or something, but whatever...I guess I like to hold kitties for no reason at all, maybe it's like that for everyone else. The weirdest comment that I will never get used to from strangers is "if I wash my hands can I hold your baby". You should first ask yourself what on earth is on your hands and perhaps wash them for no other reason then they are gross. Secondly why would I let someone hold my baby that I wouldn't let pet my dog. When I am walking the boys if someone asks to pet them I say no so why would I say yes to the request for Austin. I tend to come up with an excuse about her being someway or another so they can't hold her, sleepy, hungry...something like that.

Back to us bringing Tadd along...I can't think of two people I would rather laugh with in the world than Joe and Tadd. So 24 hours of laughter with those two is well worth the price of gas and time any day. We laughed so hard we even laughed when Austin was crying, not sure what we thought was so funny but it sure helped the time pass fast.

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LauraSuz said...

Sounds like a great trip!