Thursday, March 19, 2009

Sweet Chiropractor

My personality demands that I question things. Being a senior level support person in my job I am constantly faced with an issue that everyone else has said "can't be fixed". So why is it that when confronted with chronic pain during this pregnancy I have chosen to accept it rather than fix it. I'll tell you why, because I am like a fish out of water with pregnancy. My sciatic nerve has been pinched for over 6 months which means my hips have hurt, I walk funny and putting jeans on every morning is comical. I happened to mention this mishap in my birthing classes and was immediately told well why don't you just fix it. Hmmmm, what a novel idea. Why aren't doctors told how you can fix things like this. My doctor (which I have since transferred from because of answers like this) told me to just deal with it and if it gets too bad take Tylenol. I have now been to the chiropractor twice and pain is gone, yep you read that right gone. It almost makes me sad that I have walked around hurt for so long and it took this man 15 minutes to "fix" me. Now keep in mind it came with a price, my butt is so bruised right now from the nerve work but I will take bruise any day over joint pain.


LauraSuz said...

I'm glad you could be fixed! I'd take bruising too.

Barb said...

So, did reading your post make my back hurt worse? I think it did. I think my back is trying to tell me something. SOmething like "See?!?!.... somebody can fix you! Crystal went and feels better, so you should go too!"